Why I am running for Judge of the 6th Subcircuit

Growing up I was always drawn to the legal profession. I thought a courtroom was the great equalizer, the one place where no matter what the circumstances, fairness and accountability would always prevail. I believed justice was truly blind. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Too many times we see the inequities that exist in our society manifest themselves in our judicial system. Too many times we endure with a heavy heart the injustice that happens around us. That is why it is important that we elect judges that transcend social biases and are willing to hold themselves to the highest standards while pursuing justice.

It is with those values as my guiding principles that I announce my candidacy for judge of the 6th Subcircuit in Cook County. It will undoubtedly be a tough race and one in which I will need your help, so that together we can send a clear message that justice is not for the privileged few, but for all of us.

Thank you!

Justice For All • Justicia Para Todos